5 ways to cut your carbon footprint

5 ways to cut your carbon footprint

1. Eat with the seasons

Getting seasonal groceries will cut down on the CO2 released transporting food across the country – and will introduce you to new recipes and flavours. Try an organic veg box and see for yourself!

2. Make your travel carbon clever

Another great way to reduce your CO2 emissions is to challenge yourself to rethink how you travel. If it’s less than a mile, could you walk?

If it’s less than five miles, could you cycle?

If you have to drive, carpool.

If you can’t carpool, research low-carbon vehicles and make sure your car is regularly serviced.

Switching up a gear earlier, sticking to the speed limit and avoiding traffic can also cut unnecessary CO2!

3. Source organic

Where you choose to buy your food, beauty products and t-shirts makes a big difference to the planet.

Agriculture is responsible for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

But there are ways to produce the products you need that are much more climate-friendly.

Organic farming works with nature rather than against it.

Look out for the Soil Association organic symbol next time you go shopping and buy organic to make sure the products you choose have been produced to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards.

4. Be an energy-saving guru

From switching to LED light bulbs and investing in more energy-efficient appliances, to ensuring your home is adequately insulated, there are loads of small steps you can take to make your home way more energy efficient. There are lots of simple techniques that can help to reduce wastage, cut down your energy use and save you money.

5. Switch to 100% renewable electricity

One of the biggest things you can do to tackle the climate crisis is to choose clean power. By switching your electricity supply, you can cut your carbon footprint by around 24%!

Good Energy’s electricity comes from renewable sources all over the UK. So, when you switch, you’re not only cutting CO2 by saying no to fossil fuels: you’re also supporting low-carbon energy generation in Britain.

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