About Naked Fuel

We are Naked Fuel, a supplier of Biomass fuels from carbon neutral and clean, renewable sources.

Our products are made under strict compliance and process protocols; reassuring our customers that the fuel they consume, is of the highest and eco-friendly standard.

Our Pini-Kay Briquettes are an ideal fuel for the domestic market. They are the ‘ultimate quality’ in the briquette market-place. Their high calorific content ensures that they burn extremely hot, whilst having a very low ash and moisture content. The flame is a wonderful orange glow, which enhances rather than detracts from the traditional log burning fireplace ambience. The incredible energy-efficiency of this product enables you to burn a fuel that is carbon neutral, gets much hotter for longer, and has a cleaner flame. Naked Fuel Pini-Kay Briquettes are the go to product for burning at home.


Our mission

Our mission at Naked Fuel is to change attitudes to traditional log burning at home. Through our biomass product range we can offer a cleaner and greener solution to your domestic needs giving you peace of mind that the fuel you are burning is sustainably sourced and carbon neutral.

Our certifications