48 Packs Pini Kay Briquettes


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48 Packs Pini Kay Briquettes (12 briquettes per pack).

Perfect for day-to-day burning in large or small stoves or open fires.

Long burn of around 2 to 3 hours, capable of generating really great heat with a beautiful flame.

They last a long time and generate a considerable amount of heat relative to their size.

Our 48 Packs Pini Kay Briquettes do not expand making them very good for an open fire. They generate an attractive flame and are gaining a strong following among our customers. You can get Pini Kay Briquettes to glow red hot like a long bar of steel.

As with all dry briquettes, once they are well alight, turn down the air flow so they tick-over with a warm glow. Too much air and they will burn much too quickly.

Don’t treat Pini Kay Briquettes the way you would damp logs!

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